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Best Practice

Our educators and staff members know that quality early learning experiences come from ensuring ‘best practice’. Best practice is achieved by constantly improving everything we do. More than meeting our benchmarks and those set by authorities; it’s about meeting the expectations of our most important partners – our families!

We aim to provide;

  • Qualified early childhood professionals with extensive experience and ongoing training.
  • An interesting, thought provoking, caring and stimulating educational environment.
  • A cultural focus on building your child’s confidence, individuality, self-esteem, social skills and respect for others.
  • Programming that is sensitive and easily tailored to a child’s individual needs, strengths and interests.
  • Opportunities for families to be involved in the centre.
  • A nationally accredited learning framework.

By focusing on achieving, maintaining and exceeding best practice, we’re helping to ensure the happiness and health of the children in our care and their families.