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Curriculum and Programming

The Curriculum includes the care and education of children from birth to school entry age. It also recognises the importance of the learning environment provided for our children as having a significant influence on their education and development now and in the future.

Learning begins in the home environment and the early childhood setting/classroom is an extension of a child's life, therefore the Curriculum recognises the integral need for ongoing communication with families and the community. The family will always be made welcome.

The Curriculum outlines the necessity for quality programming, observations and predictable flexible routines. It also recognises each child as an individual learner with varying needs which are identified through observations, evaluations and parent consultation.
The Early Years Curriculum is categorized into 7 fundamental areas of learning and development:

  1. Social and personal
  2. Health and physical
  3. Language
  4. Maths/Numeracy
  5. Science
  6. Art and Craft
  7. Intellectual

The curriculum's areas of learning are the developmental areas from which the program is based. These diverse areas ensure that the children's learning is all encompassing and their education is balanced. Play is central to planning learning opportunities in each of the fundamental areas. Children will be provided in free play and structured play opportunities.

Experiences presented will encourage active participation that engages children emotionally, physically, cognitively and socially in a supportive and responsive environment.

Children will be encouraged to share their opinions, discuss their learning, make decisions, contribute to their learning and participate in multi-sensory experiences.

All children have potential and the environment will be conducive to encouraging this and constructing knowledge using different teaching and learning styles.


Kingdom Kare uses an electronic programming software. Each family has an individual log in and password which creates a secure, safe visual port folio. Parents are able to interact from wherever they are and at any time through out the day, making comments and directly interacting with their child's educators.

Your child's portfolio is with you for as long as you wish to keep it.