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Curriculum and Programming

Our Curriculum is derived from the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia: ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’ (EYLF) and caters for children from 6 weeks of age to when the child enters formal primary years schooling. Our programming takes into consideration the needs of each individual child and how the Learning Environment in the Early years of childhood can have a significant impact and influence on a child’s future development in the formal years of education.

Current long-term research has shown that lifelong learning begins in the home and by extension, in Early Childhood Learning Centres. With this research in mind, we have recognised that our Curriculum has an integral need to provide a platform for ongoing communication with our families and the wider community.

The EYLF states a quality Curriculum Programme has to provide multiple opportunities for each child to first learn their new skill and then have the time and numerous occasions to master the skill in a variety of Learning Experiences. Here at Kingdom Kare, we strongly believe in this ethos and our programmes reflect this, each our formal and informal Learning Experiences encompass the 5 Learning Outcomes of the EYLF and each of our Educator’s personal Pedagogy reflects this ethos.

Our Programming is based upon strong foundations of ethical practices, effective teaching strategies and authentic observations that based on each child’s needs and interests and the future programmes are based upon unbiased reflections. Our developmental assessments are fair and unbiased, done in both the cognitive and physical domains and along with the observation feedback, are undertaken in a professional and transparent manner. The results are communicated regularly to our parents and when required or requested by parents to our locally based paediatric learning specialists.

Each of our Learning rooms have predictable yet flexible daily routines that are based on the collective needs of each room and whenever possible take in consideration the needs of individual families. Structured and unstructured play is a key component to each room’s programme as we believe that the most effective and long-lasting learning is Child Centred, where each child brings their own personal experiences and beliefs with them which in turn provides a safe environment for each child to be themselves and learn about the wider world through the eyes and actions of their peers.

Kingdom Kare uses KidsXap, an electronic based program for our observations and individual child observations are sent via this program to each family. Individual families have their own personal, private log-in and can give access to extended family to view their child’s observations.