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National Quality Framework

The Early Years Curriculum is a holistic approach encompassing a wide range of teaching strategies.

Research has shown a child’s experience in their first five years sets the course for the rest of their life and in recognition of this, the Australian Government in partnership with all states and territories, has introduced the National Quality Framework to ensure high quality and consistent early childhood education and care across Australian to provide children with the best possible start to their education.

Kingdom Kare has embraced this framework and introduced its seven key areas which focus on:

• Educational program and practice;
• Child’s health and safety;
• Physical environment;
• Staffing arrangements (including the number of staff looking after children);
• Relationships with children;
• Collaborative partnerships with families and communities;
• Leadership and service management.

Kingdom Kare has not only adhered to this framework well ahead of the necessary timeframes, but we are constantly seeking ways to improve our programs to ensure we deliver a quality of education that exceeds the standards and sets a benchmark for the industry.