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Kingdom Kare Philosophy

Our aim is to provide children with a safe, secure and supportive environment where they are encouraged to be children. Through educational play experiences children will become confident and knowledgeable lifelong learners.

Kingdom Kare values that each child will know, feel and understand they are loved and respected unconditionally in our care. It is through this relationship, that we assist the children in our care to be the person they want to be.

Children are incredibly capable and imaginative individuals. However, they still need support and encouragement from educators to assist them in forming lifelong skills and to develop social relationships that will ultimately aid their holistic development.

.Goals with Respect to Children

1. To provide the continuity of care between family, home and our service.

2. To provide a stimulating, enriching and flexible program using a variety of materials which meet developmental areas of all children and the group that will inspire a childs creativity and imagination.

3. To foster an individuals interests, encouraging them to pursue a love of learning by active participation.

4. To provide an environment that supports community involvement and encourages support to other nations.

5. To provide routines with consistent limits to ensure security and safety.

6. To provide a positive environment where the childs self-esteem is enhanced and where the child feels valued.

7. To provide opportunities for non-discriminative relationships and friendships (age, sex, cultural background) to develop.

8. To provide opportunities that enhance positive relationships which foster communication between educators and children.

9. To ensure policies and procedures are implemented and reviewed which protect and enhance the wellness of all children.


.Goals with Respect to Families/Guardians

To create an atmosphere of trust between families/guardians and Educators.

1. Encouraging family involvement through exchange of information by incorporating a variety of opportunities that meet the needs of all families.

2. To support the uniqueness of parents and families by acknowledging the similarities, differences and resources of all families. 

3. To communicate effectively with all families in order to provide appropriate care for each individual child according to their families beliefs, values and cultures.

4. Ensure centre policies are readily accessible to all parents.

5. Encourage parent participation in decision making and centre policy formulation.

6. Ensure families/guardians are well informed about the program and are welcome to observe and contribute.

7. To give families/guardians the opportunity to express their concerns, grievances and comments; and to provide a procedure to do this.

8. To promote the wellness of the family unit by providing information about nutrition health and safety.

9. Welcome new families/guardians by supplying information about the centre and to provide support and reassurance.


.Goals with Respect to Educators/Staff

1.   To create an environment which encourages communication, praise and feedback at all levels and develops a supportive team spirit.

2.   To ensure that all staff are recognized and respected as professionals of quality child care by parents, staff, management and the community.

3.   To provide each staff member with a clear job description and educator duties.

4.   To promote professional development to enable staff to increase their knowledge and skills. This will include access to non-contact time and advisory resource support.

5.   To promote the wellness of all staff by providing information about nutrition, health and safety.

6.   To ensure that staff have opportunities to observe the children, develop programs and evaluate programs.

7.   To ensure that staff have input into developing and reviewing policies, procedures and their personal behaviour which reflect the philosophy and goals of the service.

8.   To ensure information is given to current, new and relief staff about the centres philosophy, policies and procedures.

9.   Relevant information provided by parents/guardians about families is made available for staff.

10. To encourage all staff to participate in staff and parent meetings.

11. To create a balance of staff with representation of a cross section of the community.

12. Staff are encouraged to resolve differences and conflicts promptly by upholding the grievance policy.

13. Comprehensive induction of educators, coordinators and staff members maintaining a positive and professional culture.

14. Positive work ethics are modelled by experienced staff members to encourage and support less experienced staff, including students.